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August Vintage Moissanite

August Vintage Amora Gems and Moissanite

This has been a long time coming!

Every since we've been cutting the August Vintage products (since 2009) we've had requests for carbon/silicon carbide (ie. the material of moissanite gem) options in August Vintage products. While it took some time to get off the ground these products are finally coming to fruition and the first prototypes have been nothing short of astounding and we are now into full production as we are not only having inventory cut but also taking orders for the precise sizes and qualities our clients are demanding.  This page will go into detail regarding this product and why we believe it is your best source for these gems.

Why buy August Vintage Amora or Moissanite?

Ok... so moissanite is moissanite right?


Stay tuned here for more information and a scientific review of these gems which are blowing some minds. :)

We do have inventory coming but if you'd like to order your particular August Vintage product go to this link here.